Who We Are


Zuverlasse GmbH is a supplier of premium surgical and examination gloves. In line with our vision to provide the European healthcare industry with gloves which provide optimal safety and high degree of comfort at a competitive price; we have put in place stringent quality checks throughout the procurement process. We meticulously scrutinize the product at every stage of production and provide premium surgical and examination gloves at a competitive price.

We envision to give our clients/partners a cost competitive advantage over its peers in the industry. We at Zuverlasse GmbH believe in using this cost advantage to provide quality gloves at a competitive price; thereby moving closer towards the dream of providing healthcare at affordable prices for the European market. We are dedicated to consistently deliver high quality products at a competitive price to our clients and partners across Europe.

Our most trusted brand of gloves (Pristeen) has satisfied clients across the world, from Europe to Middle East to Latin America as well as Africa.